The machine which we use as webhost for  BerlinSides  was sponsored by:

Hakdefnet is a German Security Research Start-Up that gives customers
the opportunity to protect themselves more comprehensively, cheaper and
easier than ever before based on real research. We help you to analyze
security gaps, find stolen data – including Darknet, and can use that
information to help you become more aware of those threats and risks by
that actual research. We don’t sell fear, we teach, consult and do
research that results in tangible results.

Based on CyberNSight, V-CISO and our RIPE Subscriptions, our customers
not only know if but also how they can be attacked, and what happens
with their data. This (we believe) is the only way to really minimize
the damage caused by attacks, security breaches, etc. and how avoid them
in the future.

offensive & defensive InfoSec in Berlin

from penetration testing to red team assesments done the right way by old school hacker Aluc Security