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tha man himself …you all know him…

Title: “The grand opening of BerlinSides X”



well pictures say more than words…

Title: “The grand opening of BerlinSides X”



Title TBA

bigezy knows a few things about certain stuffs. Mainly the stuffs involves things that should never smoke, catch fire, or explode. Luckily, he knows a thing or two about how to prevent that, and conversely how to cause that as a side effect.


Christian Kahlo

Title: “Talking to the penguin inside …”

Christian is usually hacking around on smartcards and cryptography and implemented
two generations of the German eID. He rarely drinks coffee and while he hated Java at
first, he likes it a lot since 20 years now. At adesso he is employed as a software architect
with his main focus on IT-security. As ISACA member and CISSP he tries to give security a
methodical approach while retaining creativity and extreme programming pattern as
formalized variant of “hacking”. As subcontractor of the Federal Office for Information
Security and the Federal Ministry of the Interior he is sometimes “on the other side”,
but definitely Team Blue.

Talk: Having a coffee with the pengiun inside – implementing the Linux kernel in Java.
Why, how to implement and use a ptracer written in the Java language running in
an application server while monitoring and sandboxing its sub-processes.
Reasons, caveats, hacks, results.


Making drones deadly through better firmware.

obi-wan @?

Forensic, CISSP, GCFA, Firefighter, Security Evangelist, Speaker, ITSecurity, Geraffel, Yacht Hacker, IoT Hacker, DefCon SOC Goon….

Something about something


infodox, march:

infodox is a security researcher/developer with an interest in things
ranging from IoT to Unix oddities.
march is a security researcher and head of defensive practice at Digital
Interruption, having worked on things ranging from Linux rootkits to
mainframe security.

This talk will be about the development of
“Orc”, an open-source post-exploitation toolkit for Linux (and soon other
Unix platforms) written entirely in Bash. This toolkit allows you to
perform a whole range of post-exploitation activities on a target host in a
simple manner without uploading further tools, by using built-in tools.


Title: An introduction to quantum authentication and verification protocols

sycra is a Physics master student at FU Berlin with research interest in quantum information and quantum cryptography


Title: Why there are no quantum signature schemes: The no-cloning theorem

LittleDetritus is a Quantuminfo guy, trying to save the world. Likes to solve layer 9 problems. Exilbayer, Europäer, Nerd – kurz: immer noch nicht ganz erwachsen.

The talk will highlight fundamental limitations to quantum crypto with regard to signature schemes due to the no-cloning theorem in a way accessible to laymen. This will be done by explaining (post quantum) cryptography from a (quantum) complexity theory viewpoint. Sealed physical letters and coffee mugs will be involved!




Title: firmware unpacking and repacking

nsr is Around since the 2nd edition of BerlinSides, with a few exceptions. Works with, on–and considering the state of my desk–under embedded devices.



Title: Defensiv statt Offensiv … a dänschen please this talk is in schörman

Manuel (HonkHase) Atug
Senior Manager bei der HiSolutions AG
Diplom-Informatiker & Master of Science in Applied IT Security
Seit über 23 Jahren in der Informationssicherheit tätig
Spezialthemen: KRITIS und Ethik

Seit ~23 Jahren Aktiv in so n paar Vereinen:
Chaos Computer Club e.V., Chaos Computer Club Cologne e.V., c-base e.V., Digitale Kultur e.V., ISACA, GI e.V., FIfF e.V., Freie Software Freunde e.V., Geraffel Core Member



Title: RDP automation

Vlatko Kosturjak help clients to reach desired security level(s).
During his carreer, he worked on bypassing security controls as well as on building ones. Beside security, his passion is open and free software, so he contributed code to various free security software like OpenVAS, Nmap and Metasploit. He is also author of (security) tools which are used today and they are available at github.com/kost