Welcome at BerlinSides !

What: BerlinSides 0x7E4 a con from Hacker for Hacker.

Motto: “Einstein, stop telling God what to do!” …the Bohr Edition

NOTE: there will be no BerlinSides since the registrations have beeing under 100 attendees due to the situation this year everyone needs to stay safe. Please stay healthy it was a great time with you!

When: there will be no BerlinSides

Physical Security 4 Nerds : nope
Venue: NONE

Organizer: Aluc.TV

Cost: Free
The registration is closed emails will be dropped,
CfP for Talks and Islands is closed emails will be dropped

No pictures or recording allowed!

T-Shirts are limited and there will be no reprint! Except for the Party’s, Attendees must present their Token to the Security to enter. accounts for questiones:Mail: admin at this server Twitter: @BerlinSides , @theAluc