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adesso is one of the leading IT providers in the German-speaking market and focuses on the core business processes of companies and public administrations by providing both consultancy and customised software development.

A successful business grows out of innovative ideas, sound technologies and a cost-saving implementation of IT operations that support your company regarding your individual challenges. Always having people involved who bring technology know-how and sound knowledge for the customer’s business. adesso combines this technology comeptence with sector-specific know-how. Our work is based on strong customer orientation and flexibility. On proven methods when implementing software projects. On networking of research, teaching and practice. And on an open, employee-oriented company culture,
With a team of more than 2.100 employees, adesso is one of the leading IT providers in the German-speaking market. We assume responsibility. And we have the experience that makes us a reliable partner for your IT projects.

The importance of application security is constantly increasing, particularly in the wake of recent data protection scandals. adesso’s expertise facilitates the provision of a one-stop service that ensures the highest possible level of protection for application data, in accordance with the IT baseline protection (IT-Grundschutz) methodology of the German Federal Office for Information Security (BSI). When developing your administrative applications, our certified security experts consider the measures required in order to prevent external attacks. These measures are already in place when the applications are commissioned. We check existing administrative processes by reviewing the source code and by systematically performing penetration tests. Our experts will be glad to use these findings as the basis for helping you to strengthen any weak points in your applications.

With its team of computer science and legal experts, it.sec GmbH & Co. KG has been advising companies, as well as governmental and non-governmental bodies, in more than 30 countries on matters concerning information security, data protection and compliance since 1996. By order of its clients it.sec hacks into online systems and shops, companies, banks or industrial plants and assists with the investigation of IT-related security incidents (‘cybercrime’). it.sec conducts penetration testing, security audits and trainings in the area of IT security, offers high-end services for eDiscovery and eSearch requirements, and advises clients on data protection or security management requirements in accordance with legal requirements such as the German IT Security Act, GDPR or other requirements. Superior quality is guaranteed by the many years of experience and individual expert knowledge of the company’s employees. These share their knowledge as lecturers at universities and higher education institutions or as authors of books and professional articles, participate in the standardisation of security procedures at DIN (German standards institute), are active members of the German computer science association (Gesellschaft für Informatik) or expert bodies for cybersecurity, or contribute to common open-source security tools.

Spike Reply is the specialist for IT security within the Reply Group. Spike Reply specializes in secure IT and the protection of personal data. Spike Reply has created a comprehensive, integrated and consistent offering to identify, minimize and maximize all aspects of the risk associated with an information system.

These range from the identification of threats and weak points to the planning, design and implementation of the corresponding technological, legal, organizational, underwriting and risk-limiting countermeasures.

Spike Reply provides vendor-independent security services through a broad network of partnerships. Spike Reply can therefore provide in-depth knowledge of the most widely used security technologies on the market and select the most appropriate technology.

Our expertise is based on numerous projects that have demonstrably reduced business risks and information security costs. We support you in: APT & Malware Defense, Application Firewalling, Data Leakage Prevention, Database Security, Governance & Risk Management, SIEM & Security Intelligence as Managed Service or on Premise.

In August 2012, the Cyber-Security Council Germany was set up by a group of reputable
individuals. The Berlin-based association, which is politically neutral, aims to advise
businesses, government agencies and policymakers on issues relating to cyber security and
to strengthen the fight against cybercrime.
The four-member elected Executive Committee of Cyber-Security Council Germany includes
security expert and Director Business Development at RUAG Defence Deutschland GmbH,
Philipp v. Saldern, who is president of the association, and Prof. Dr. Dr. H.C. Werner
Weidenfeld, Director of Das Centrum für angewandte Politikforschung (CAP) [The German
Centre for Applied Policy Research], who is vice president. Members of the Executive
Committee also include Prof. Dr. Claudia Eckert, Director of the Fraunhofer AISEC, and
Hartmut Ziebs, President of the German Firefighters Association. Both carry out the role of
assessor. The Executive Committee is supported by General Secretary Hans-Wilhelm Dünn.
Members of the association include large and medium-sized companies, operators of critical
infrastructure, as well as experts and policymakers in cyber security. Through its members,
the association represents 2 million workers in the German economy and 1.8 million
members of other associations and clubs. Cyber-Security Council Germany provides a wide
range of services to inform and support its members and focuses its activities on their
operational and working requirements.
Cyber-Security Council Germany has the following objectives:
• To increase collaboration between politics, public administration, business and academia
for the purpose of improving IT protection.
• To set up initiatives and projects to promote awareness of cyber security.
• To develop a nationwide cyber-security network in a European and international context

Hakdefnet is a German Security Research Start-Up that gives customers
the opportunity to protect themselves more comprehensively, cheaper and
easier than ever before based on real research. We help you to analyze
security gaps, find stolen data – including Darknet, and can use that
information to help you become more aware of those threats and risks by
that actual research. We don’t sell fear, we teach, consult and do
research that results in tangible results.

Based on CyberNSight, V-CISO and our RIPE Subscriptions, our customers
not only know if but also how they can be attacked, and what happens
with their data. This (we believe) is the only way to really minimize
the damage caused by attacks, security breaches, etc. and how avoid them
in the future.

kaspersky Lab Logo.jpg
Kaspersky Lab is a global cybersecurity company founded in 1997.
Kaspersky Lab’s deep threat intelligence and security expertise is constantly transforming into security solutions and services to protect businesses, critical infrastructure, governments and consumers around the globe. The company’s comprehensive security portfolio includes leading endpoint protection and a number of specialized security solutions and services to fight sophisticated and evolving digital threats.

The Kaspersky Global Research and Analysis Team (GReAT) is a group of 42+ world-leading security experts and is active in all regions around the globe.
GReAT discovered and dissected the most sophisticated threats, including Flame, Gauss, miniFlame, RedOctober, NetTraveler, Icefog, Careto/The Mask, Darkhotel, Regin, Cloud Atlas, Carbanak, Equation, Duqu 2.0, etc.

Kaspersky Lab detects 310,000 new malicious files every day. Over 400 million users and 270,000 corporate clients are protected by Kaspersky Lab.
Find out more on https://securelist.com


About SANS

The SANS Institute was established in 1989 as a cooperative research and education organization. Our training programs now reach more than 165,000 security professionals around the world.

SANS provides intensive, immersion training designed to help you and your staff master the practical steps necessary for defending systems and networks against the most dangerous threats – the ones being actively exploited.


SANS courses are full of important and immediately useful techniques that you can put to work as soon as you return to the office. They were developed through a consensus process involving hundreds of administrators, security managers and information security professionals and courses address security fundamentals and awareness as well as the in-depth technical aspects of the most crucial areas of IT security.

SANS-certified instructors are recognised as the best in the world. To find the best teachers for each topic, SANS runs a continuous competition for instructors. Last year more than 100 people tried out for the SANS faculty, but only five new potential instructors were selected.


Curesec GmbH is a young company that offers comprehensive, professional advice and education in the IT security field.

Do you know who can access your data? We will bring clarity to the access rights situation in your company: in a comprehensive and reliable manner, without compromising usability. Get in touch with us and within 30 minutes, we will provide you with a detailed overview of the access rights in your company. Contact: Tel.: +49 30 390 63 45 – 0 I or info at the 8man.com server




he sic[!]sec GmbH was founded in 2010 by real security specialists and consultants with many years of professional experience in web application security and information security. Additional business administration knowhow was acquired to complement our core competence. Oddly enough, others often approach this sensitive industry the other way around, obviously lacking the fierce dedication and mindset necessary to stay state-of-the-art in a fast-paced, pivotal industry.

Due to our employees’ intelligence, expertise, reliability and passion, indeed personal obsession with information purity and security, DAX corporations, banking and insurance companies, software manufacturers, media and television companies, portal and e-commerce companies and many, many more have sought and benefited from our services, becoming regular valued customers.

As adepts with integrity, we are always able to address the concerns of our customers to their advantage throughout the entire spectrum of information security issues – thanks to our deep roots in the international IT security community and large professional network in the business world. We can often alert and advise our customers as to high-impact issues they weren’t even aware of and thus help them stay one step ahead of the predatory practices prevalent in the IT netherworld or at secret services throughout the world.

Precision information security services – made in Germany with pride and integrity.


Auxilium protects customers, partners and nations as well as what they value most (freedom, privacy, protected business operations, protection against unauthorized access and attacks).
We have years of experience in global security, consulting, training, security audits and penetration tests that are legendary (we find what others can’t because we don’t rely on scanners).



The top  bakery at the “Ostsee” (Baltic sea). The owner understood the importance to support our community since he know the benefit to all users of the tools we develop or enrich with our research findings. THANK YOU for engaging where security vendors backed out!



offensive & defensive InfoSec in Berlin

from penetration testing to red team assesments done the right way by old school hacker Aluc Security



schuelke.net – internet.security.consulting


Sophos Ltd.

More than 100 million users in 150 countries rely on Sophos as the best protection against complex threats and data loss. Sophos is committed to providing security and data protection solutions that are simple to manage, deploy and use and that deliver the industry’s lowest total cost of ownership. Sophos offers award-winning encryption, endpoint security, web, email, and network access control solutions backed by SophosLabs – a global network of threat intelligence centers. With more than two decades of experience, Sophos is regarded as a leader in security and data protection by top analyst firms and has received many industry awards. Sophos is headquartered in Boston, US and Oxford, UK. More information is available at www.sophos.com.

Nokia is committed to connecting people to what matters to them by
combining advanced mobile technology with personalized services. More than
1.3 billion people connect to one another with a Nokia, from our most
affordable voice-optimized mobile phones to advanced Internet-connected
smartphones sold in virtually every market in the world. Through our
services, people also enjoy access to maps and navigation on mobile, a
rapidly expanding applications store, a growing catalog of digital music,
and more. Nokia’s NAVTEQ is a leader in comprehensive digital mapping and
navigation services, and Nokia Siemens Networks is one of the leading
providers of telecommunications infrastructure hardware, software and
professional services globally.

Check out Lumia 900 <http://www.nokia.com/lumia900> ,

Lumia 800<http://www.nokia.com/lumia800>
and Maps <http://www.nokia.com/gb-en/maps/>


Qualys, Inc.

the leading provider of cloud-based information security and compliance solutions with 5,500+ customers in 85 countries, including 50 of the Forbes Global 100.
The Qualys cloud-based platform and integrated suite of
applications helps businesses simplify security operations and lower the
Cost of compliance, delivering critical security intelligence on demand
andautomating the full spectrum of auditing, compliance and protection for IT
systems and web applications. Founded in 1999, Qualys has established strategic partnerships with leading managed service providers and consulting
organizations, including BT, Dell SecureWorks, Fujitsu, IBM, NTT,
Symantec,Verizon, and Wipro. The company is also a founding member of the
Cloud Security Alliance (CSA).

For more information, please visit www.qualys.com

Jester Secure iT GmbH
is a consulting company for IT security.

  • Security Analysis
  • Trainings
  • IT-Security
  • Design Cloud and SCADA Security
  • ISO 27xxx Audits and more

Besides: If we have to work to earn our living, at least we want to have fun
doing it ;-)

Jester Secure iT GmbH
Malteserweg 14
D-51465 Bergisch-Gladbach
Fon: +49 2202-9836 60
Fax: +49 2202-9836 66
Mail: info@jsec.de

IOActive Inc.

Passion and pride through quality client work is something money simply can’t buy. IOActive has spent more than a decade searching for the required blend of characteristics and work ethic that comprise a world-class, international security services team.

IOActive is proud of the fact that so many skilled and experienced computer professionals—formerly of such firms as @stake, X-Force, and Bindview—choose to hang their security hats with us. Our consultants contribute to the growing body of security knowledge by speaking at such elite conferences as BlackHat, HITB, Ruxcon, Defcon, Shakacon, BlueHat, CanSec, Syscan, HAR, Hope, WhatTheHack, and the CCC. IOActive also is proud to have such deeply respected industry beacons on their board as Steve Wozniak, Jim Reavis, and Jason Larsen—luminaries who affect how security and technology shape our world every day.

Recurity Labs GmbH


  • Security Analysis

  • Design

  • Trainings

  • Research


Recurity Labs GmbH

Wrangelstr. 4
10997 Berlin
Phone: +49 30 69539993-0
FAX: +49 30 69539993-8
Email: ping@Recurity-labs.com




What is BruCON?

BruCON is an annual security and hacker(*) conference providing two days of an interesting atmosphere for open discussions of critical infosec issues, privacy, information technology and its cultural/technical implications on society. Organized in Brussels, BruCON offers a high quality line up of speakers, security challenges and interesting workshops. BruCON is a conference by and for the security and hacker(*) community.

The conference tries to create bridges between the various actors active in computer security world, included but not limited to hackers(*), security professionals, security communities, non-profit organizations, CERTs, students, law enforcement agencies, etc…..

(*)Hackers are “persons who delight in having an intimate understanding of the internal workings of a system, computers and computer networks in particular.” People who engage in illegal activities like unauthorized entry into computer systems are called crackers and don’t have anything to do with hacking. BruCON doesn’t promote any illegal activities and behavior. Many hackers today are employed by the security industry and test security software and systems to improve the security of our networks and applications. In addition, for the younger generations, we want to create some awareness and interest in IT students to learn more about IT Security.



Milton Security Group LLC is at the forefront of new developments in network security technology that provide the framework in the most demanding security environments worldwide. We guide our customers to success in an information-driven world by supplying exceptional customer service, delivering top-notch products and engaging partner programs.
Milton Security Group LLC is a VOSB (Veteran-Owned Small Business) security company with a consulting practice. Our Principals embrace taking our customer´s ideas to the technological edge with a vision for the future. Our Staff are dedicated individuals with many years of diverse experience, ranging from small businesses to government agencies.

Corporate Headquarters

Milton Security Group LLC
111 North Harbor Suite D
Fullerton, CA 92832

Tel: 1.888.674.9001
Fax: 1.714.459.7489

Silicon Valley Office
1680 Civic Center Drive
Santa Clara, CA 95050


For press and investor relations: pr@miltonsecurity.com

For support: support@miltonsecurity.com

For sales and product information: sales@miltonsecurity.com

For employment inquiries: jobs@miltonsecurity.com

Astaro GmbH & Co. KG – a Sophos company



Mit über 60.000 Installationen weltweit schützt Astaro, jetzt eine Sophos-Company, Unternehmens-, Bildungs- und Regierungsnetzwerke vor IT-Sicherheitsbedrohungen. Astaro kombiniert die neuesten Technologien in einfach verwaltbaren All-In-One-Lösungen, um Organisationen einen umfassenden Schutz ihrer Haupt- und Zweigstellen zu ermöglichen.

Astaro GmbH & Co. KG – a Sophos company
Amalienbadstraße. 41/Bau 52
76227 Karlsruhe

Tel.: +49-721-25516-0 (Kein Support)
Fax: +49-721-25516-200
E-Mail: info@astaro.com
Website: www.astaro.com

Astaro GmbH & Co. KG – a Sophos company
Amtsgericht: Mannheim HRA 702710
Firmensitz: Karlsruhe
Ust-Id-Nr.: DE 269 055 045

Persönlich haftende Gesellschafterin: Astaro Verwaltungs GmbH
Amtsgericht: Mannheim HRB 708248
Amalienbadstraße. 41/Bau 52 | 76227 Karlsruhe | Germany
Vertretungsberechtigter Vorstand: Gert Hansen, Markus Hennig, Jan Hichert, Günter Junk, Dr. Frank Nellissen

Hackers on a Plane



Schaa Comics


Schaa Comics ist ein Projekt von

Boris Schaa
Philipp Pixel Comics & Web
Bebelstr. 7
38440 Wolfsburg

Telefon: (+49) 5361 / 8 48 13 48
E-Mail: comicoffice@schaacomics.de